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Subject: Friends of Last Chance Canyon Message
Date: Mon Jan 12 15:46:25 2015


Fellow guys and gals, desert people, Friends of Bickel Camp, and assorted denizens of the desert!

We've collected some for the Chuck Goodenough BBQ memorial and propose we come up with a plan to relocate the caretaker trailers where we want ‘em, with the central area between the trailers then being used for a larger covered area, more picnic tables, and nearby BBQ. Let’s draw something up! We need a plan to estimate building supplies, so we can approach Home Depot and see what they’ll donate or assist us with as they have generously offered to help. Any ideas? It would be cool to have a BBQ with a grate that raises and lowers we can all use, especially handy for those that volunteer to watch over the camp. Hopefully you’d like to see something like this there. It would probably be a good idea to show the plan to the BLM as well. Meanwhile, we should be thinking about a date for an upcoming FLCC pot luck - members get together and meeting, sometime in October perhaps? I'm open to suggestions, reply here or on Facebook so we can select a date, take care folks - seeya in the hills, Charlie - aka lastchance

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