Friends of Last Chance Canyon and Bickel Camp Update Message

From: "Friends of Last Chance Canyon" <>
Subject: Friends of Last Chance Canyon and Bickel Camp Update Message
Date: Tue Jan 13 05:40:15 2015

Hi Everyone! I hope you're enjoying the fine cool weather that's present these days in the high desert. It is a welcome relief from the triple digits. I am so impressed with how clean and inviting the camp has become with the concerted effort of our great volunteers. I'd like to invite everyone to a work and pot luck get together this coming November 9th and 10th at Bickel Camp. We are removing the last vestiges of the trash with a trailer provided by Shaun. We also will be erecting shaded areas for visitors with a picnic table or two. I imagine the ladies of the camp will have some great vittles for us to indulge in. I'd like to offer a hamburger or hotdogs to FLCC members as well. We have lots to talk about and the moon will be at a waxing half moon so that's cool for star and moon gazing. Now let's hope the weather accommodates us! FLCC will have a meeting and offer updates on the camp, Chuck Goodenough's BBQ memorial, and the BLM policies and projects going on in the area. Please come and enjoy the happenings, we're hoping to see you there! Your Bickel Camp Friends and Family PS Please let us know if you need an area set aside for your group - thanks! Charlie, Mary, Shaun, Lisa, Adam and Jess et al

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