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Date: Sun Jan 11 15:53:07 2015


Hi Everybody - FLCC will have a pot luck dinner and meeting with a little building project this weekend, 11/9-11/10 at Bickel Camp. We'll get the food together about 2 pm on Saturday. The weather is really nice - I expect a lot of visitors will be out - Take care and I hope to see you there - Charlie and Mary Hattendorf - FLCC folks ps here's the agenda for the meeting

Friends of Last Chance Canyon

FLCC annual review Charlie Hattendorf
Last meeting was 10/20/2012 –
Camp Stewards:
Adam and Jessica Wysocki, Shaun Seaborn (and Lisa!), Mary and I New Site Steward:
Jim Jefferies – weekday steward
Current status: Camp and sanitation doing well we think. Shower completed and several water tanks onsite now, to preserve Walt’s existing shower. Additional Outhouse onsite and both are cleaned about once a month. Covered awning and picnic table being eresced this weekend thanks to a GREAT DONATION from our friends at HOME DEPOT - RIDGECREST

BLM and El Paso Mountains Access – Please stay on designated routes.

Thanks to Ed Walheim and FRIENDS OF JAWBONE CANYON (FJC) for the continued site steward support. Please join FJC if you are an offroad enthusiast they help maintain our access.

Treasurer’s report account balances
Club Mining Claim update – about 15 paying members PLEASE stay within mine boundaries, keep your area clear of trash and fill your holes in when you’re done digging.

Petroglyph Tours Update – free to members, none scheduled at this moment

Chuck Goodenough memorial will be soon – we’ll inaugurate his BBQ!

Member Comments

….and closing Charlie Hattendorf

Current FLCC Officers:

Charlie Hattendorf President
James Kenney Treasurer and Access subject matter expert Shaun Seaborn Vice President – Site Steward scheduling and support

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