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Date: Tue Jan 13 05:40:29 2015


Merry Christmas fellow Friends of Last Chance Canyon! It's been a busy year... We built a new shower for caretakers, with several 250 gallon water storage tanks onsite, cleaned up a lot of trash, and put in a new picnic area for visitors too. Our caretakers and I hope you all have a joyous Holiday season and New Years. Please remember to drop by the camp and help keep an eye on our shared heritage when you're in the area -we can always use a helping hand. I hope to see you in the hills soon and thanks for all you do to keep those special places out there! Please remember those groups who have helped keep us going - become a member of Friends of Jawbone Canyon and CORVA if you love offroading, as they're helping keep our access open, and Home Depot in Ridgecrest has helped to donate building materials too, they're a great place for us to have 100 miles from anywhere here in Ridgecrest. take care folks - Your Friends of Last Chance Canyon and Bickel Camp Charlie Hattendorf

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