Friends of Last Chance Canyon Urgent Message

From: "Friends of Last Chance Canyon" <>
Subject: Friends of Last Chance Canyon Urgent Message
Date: Mon Jan 12 03:47:59 2015


Greetings folks! we've weathered another Summer and are heading into the Fall, the camp is hanging in there and actually looking the best it has in years, but we have just had our first incursion with things at the camp missing. Several trailers were opened, things are missing (we're still assessing what might've been stolen). Bottom line: WE NEED HELP to watch over the camp. Rotating caretakers has really worked well in the last year or two. Having the camp be watched today during the weekdays, would really help. Anyone with leads, a retired friend willing to watch over the camp for a day or two, please keep us in mind. We offer a trailer, propane, water for showers, and a small stipend per day (all within reason please) and a beautiful view of Last Chance and disconnection from the rat race... What a deal! thanks for thinking of the camp - Charlie Hattendorf - FLCC volunteer

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