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Subject: Friends of Last Chance Canyon Message
Date: Mon Jan 12 19:04:39 2015


Good News folks. We had a Friends of Last Chance Canyon board meeting where new, enthusiastic members were nominated for taking on the soon-to-be-vacant board posts, which I was very relieved to see. I had been a bit presumptive in my announcement here of the organization's dissolution, I am happy to state. This can happen in periods of little or no communication, so everyone take heed and don't put your faith in Facebook for judging the important things, like how much people really care for something. Please stand by for some announcements, in a week or so, when new officers will be voted for. Thanks again for being there and long live Bickel Camp, in our Mojave desert, a great area with family, friends, memories, and our future! Thanks very much for your continuing support, Charles Hattendorf - current FLCC president

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