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Sent July 16th 2013

__ Greetings folks, I just heard that Chuck Goodenough, a long time member of Friends of Last Chance Canyon, volunteer, loving father, excellent photographer and chef, is passing and I just wanted to let others know. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers, he loved the camp and Burro Schmidt's Tunnel. Chuck would've done anything to keep these places available for our children and us to share. We'll toast a memorial to Chuck at our next dinner and get together at the camp. Respectfully, Charli...

Friends of Last Chance Canyon Message

Sent May 24th 2013

__ Hi Folks! It's been awhile since our last email, but FLCC and Bickel Camp is still going strong. If you have not seen the camp recently please stop by and appreciate all the hard work our volunteers have done in cleaning up and hauling off lots of trash, while arranging things the way Walt would've liked them to be. We recently had visitors at the camp - Bickel friends and family, who appreciated the camp and had lots of good input too. So the camp is hanging in there....if you happen to know someone or two who woul...

FLCC and Bickel Camp Message

Sent October 17th 2012

__ Hi Folks, just a short message reminding everyone of our potluck dinner and get together at Bickel Camp this coming weekend - on the 20th. The weather looks like it will be wonderful, and still warm yet cool at night, so bring water and sunscreen and something warm to cuddle up with at night. We have hamburgers and hotdogs free for our members Should you wish to grill your favorite slab of meat too we'll have room available. I just heard there's a ORIONID METEOR SHOWER this weekend too, peaking on Saturday! Remnants...

Friends of Last Chance Canyon Potluck and Meeting October 20th

Sent October 5th 2012

Greetings Everyone! Things are looking nice in Last Chance Canyon, and at Bickel Camp. I'd like to invite everyone to a potluck dinner and FLCC meeting on Saturday, October 20th at the camp. Members of the Bickel family will be in attendance over the weekend, so we'll have plenty of first-hand stories of Walt Bickel and life in the canyon to keep us entertained I'm sure. I'd like to introduce Adam and Jessica Wysocki and Shaun Seaborn, who many have already met at the camp. Their enthusiasm and support has been ...

Friends of Last Chance Canyon Message

Sent July 16th 2012

Hi gang! here's an urgent update (the best kind)....The local historical society here in Ridgecrest is offering their 2 story renovated USO building to have a fundraiser for Bickel Camp! yeeeeeeeha....I have spoken there before on the camp. It would be so cool to get y'all who remember Walt together to share stories, food and help save the camp! Mary and I could help with food (they have a big BBQ), the Bickel family and friends could lend anecdotes, music, pictures, whatever is at hand to help....what do you think? it...

FLCC and Bickel Camp Message

Sent July 8th 2012

Greetings folks!, This is a short update on Friends of Last Chance Canyon and Bickel Camp. The current camp condition is clean and well tended, with little trash left from caretakers over the years, mostly thanks to the efforts of Shaun who has helped tremendously the last couple of months -> ....While the camp right now is looking good we desperately need your help. Donations are at an all time low, our ...


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